University of Charleston

University of Charleston


The University of Charleston presented a very special conference designed as a ‘for women, by women’ conversation, dialogue, and informational opportunity with the aim of addressing issues of equity, inclusion, advancement, and leadership for those considering a career in the law. Special guests included a wide range of professionals in the field of law, including a US District Court judge, attorneys from several area firms, legal advocates from Mountain State Justice and Legal Aid, and those who have taken their law degree in unexpected directions.

Event Recordings



Lady Justice: Women of the Court



Session A:

1. The Current Landscape in West Virginia: Women and the Law

2. Addressing Discrimination, Inequality, and Poverty: Work in Public Interest Law

3. Learned Lessons from Underrepresented Leaders


Session B:

1. Mastering the Code: How to be Heard in Male-Dominated Spaces

2. Inner Boss: Overcoming Imposter Syndrome, Managing Fear, Conquering Self-Doubt

3. Flexibility and Agility: Strengths and Weaknesses of Modern Working Environment for Women Lawyers

4. Voices from Current Law Students and Recent Graduates: Lessons from the Classroom 


Session C:

1. Paying Attention: Examples from Male Allies About Creating More Equitable Work Spaces

2. Beyond Practicing Law: JDs in Diverse Careers