University of Charleston

University of Charleston

Reimbursement Policy – Admissions Events

If you travel 200 miles or more to attend a planned open house or scholarship competition event via train, plane or bus, you may be eligible to be reimbursed the cost of the fare up to $500.00.

Prospective students may also receive meal tickets from the Admissions Office to be used while visiting campus.

This offer is valid

  • For public transportation to UC
  • For domestic and international travel
  • As a one-time reimbursement (attendance to multiple events will not be reimbursed)
  • For students not receiving athletic aid or being recruited as a student athlete



  • Prospective student makes own transportation arrangements for a campus event
  • Reimbursements may be requested after the event for ½ of the fare ($250.00).  The remaining balance up to $250.00 will be reimbursed once the student has enrolled and has attended class for the first 15 days of the semester.
  • The reimbursement request must be submitted prior to the last day of the first semester.
  • Hard copy receipts must be brought into the admissions office for approval by the EVP and Chief Admissions Officer and must include travel itinerary with student’s name and date corresponding with the UC recruitment event.
  • Charges that will not be reimbursed include: checked baggage fees, flight change fees, seat upgrade fees, travel insurance, rental cars, Uber or Lyft transportation, taxis, meals, hotel expenses, personal care use and tips.