University of Charleston

It starts with you. Your gift helps to recruit students from around the world, attract top faculty and fund exciting future projects. Check out some of the folks that help shape UC into the special place that it is:

Andrew Adkins is currently working on his third degree from the University of Charleston. During undergrad, Adkins was highly involved with the University, serving on the Student Government Association, being a member of the TAU Omega Fraternity and Catholic Campus Ministry, and running on the cross-country team. He was a founding member of UC’s now championship cross country team. Adkins has a way of setting the pace for those his age, as he leads by example in giving annually to his alma mater. “I give back to UC because I had such a great experience, and I want future generations to have those same opportunities.” Andrew is currently a Business Process Analyst for TransCanada in Charleston, West Virginia.

Andrew Adkins, ’16




For 2010 School of Pharmacy graduate, Amy Bryan, the title “first” became second nature. Five years after earning her undergraduate degree, Bryan enrolled in the first year of the University of Charleston School of Pharmacy program. As a result, she was a member of the first SOP Student Government Association executive board and first UC APhA student chapter, among other involvement on campus. A native of Pennsylvania, Bryan found West Virginia to be the “best of both worlds,” believing “the diversity within the school and region prepared [her] to work in a variety of settings after graduation.” She now gives back to UC as a way of “paying it forward” to other future pharmacists. Amy is currently the pharmacy manager at a pharmacy in Lock Haven, Pennsylvania.

Amy Bryan, ‘10




Maria O’Reilly, a 1992 graduate from the University of Charleston, believes there is great value in “finishing well.” During her sophomore year at UC, Maria left school to join a traveling singing group to help with their marketing, visiting nearly 50 countries and staying with over 100 host families. Upon her return to Charleston, Maria completed her degree in Business and Media Productions, pursuing a career in international business. “My teachers put a lot of emphasis on committing to starting something and finishing well,” said O’Reilly about her student experience. She now gives back to UC on a regular basis, hoping to help other students learn the importance of finishing well and creating something to be proud of. Today, O’Reilly is the general manager for Okuno International, Inc. in Wayne County, West Virginia.

Maria O’Reilly, ‘92




For Jack Newton, a 1959 graduate of Morris Harvey College, his experience with his school was primarily familial. It was because of his mother’s urging that he attended Morris Harvey; once on campus, he felt he was immediately at home and part of the MHC family. He found his professors to discipline and shape him in life-changing ways, as they helped him form a love for education and economics. “UC caters to each student like no other university, and I think the students can feel it, too,” remarked Newton. Newton is retired from the Federal Reserve and has settled in the Ft. Lauderdale, Florida area where he continues to support UC and ensure its future is bright.

Jack Newton, ‘59