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Associate Professor and Program Director, Business Analytics

Jim Samuel is a business analytics and applied artificial intelligence Professor at the School of Business & Leadership, University of Charleston. His primary research covers textual analytics, applied machine learning, evolving applications and implications of artificial intelligence, behavioral financial analytics and human behavior in electronic markets. His research extends to education and innovation, women in advanced technologies, AI bias and equivocality in human intelligence.  Jim also serves as data scientist and management consultant on big data, analytics, AI innovation and information strategy initiatives, and as advisory CIO at Axivest. He holds M.Arch, M.B.A (International Finance) and Ph.D. (CIS) degrees.

Prof. Samuel’s vision is to make Business Analytics & Applied AI learning valuable, fun and meaningful!

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Ph.D. in Business ~ Information Systems, Baruch College (AACSB) – City University of New York.

MBA in International Finance, Thunderbird – Arizona State University

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