University of Charleston

Due to COVID-19, the University of Charleston Physician Assistant Program will not conduct in-person Multiple-Mini Interviews during the 2020-21 Admissions Cycle. Instead, we will be hosting multiple Zoom Interview Days, during which you will participate in a panel interview conducted by the UCPAP faculty, as well as a group interview facilitated by a member of the UCPAP faculty. The modified interview process is outlined below:

  • Applicants are required to take the CASPer Personality Test in lieu of MMIs for the 2020 application cycle. The last day to take the test for the UCPAP is July 19. Note: You will not receive an interview date until the UCPAP has received your CASPer score.
  • Applicants who qualify for an interview will receive notice via email informing them that they have qualified. Since we are unable to meet you in person this year, the faculty and staff have created a welcome video where you will find detailed information about our program including faculty/staff introductions, curriculum details and much more! Please watch this video prior to your interview.
  • Once your application has been scored and your CASPer results have been received, the UCPAP will assign applicants to two specific Zoom meetings, one for the panel interview and one for the group interview. We will notify you of your date and time via email and you will have five business days to confirm or reschedule.
  • Panel Interview: Interviewees will receive a Zoom invitation for a meeting that spans the entire panel interview process. Interviewees will ONLY log in 5 minutes prior to their assigned times and remain in the waiting room until the host allows them in. Please DO NOT log into the meetings more than 5 minutes prior to your scheduled interview time.
  • Group Interview: You will receive a separate Zoom invitation for the group interview. In this meeting, all of the group interview participants will be admitted into the meeting from the waiting room at the same time and will be given a problem-scenario in which they must use teamwork to determine a course of action.
  • The UCPAP Admissions Committee will utilize a rolling admissions process to select the class matriculating in January 2021. Admissions decisions will be made on a rolling basis once applicants have participated in the online interview process. Applicants will be notified of selection results on an ongoing basis and will be notified of the committee’s final decision no later than September 15, 2020.
  • Interview appropriate attire is expected for both panel and group interviews. For information on how to prepare for an online interview, please watch the following video:

UC's CASPA GRE Code is: 8830