University of Charleston

University of Charleston

To stand out in the rapidly changing healthcare environment, pharmacy students at the University of Charleston can enhance their Doctor of Pharmacy degrees by simultaneously earning a master’s degree through the UC School of Business and Leadership.

With the new dual degree program, UC School of Pharmacy students can add a Master of Business Administration (MBA) with a healthcare concentration or a Master of Science in Strategic Leadership (MSSL) degree, both ACBSP accredited, to their PharmD at no additional cost. Both degrees can be completed in four years – the same time it takes to complete the traditional PharmD degree.

“This is a unique and exciting opportunity for our students to develop an understanding of the major functional areas in health care organizations and be able to design policies and approaches to address the changing landscape of healthcare,” stated Dr. Kristy Lucas, Dean of the UC School of Pharmacy. “By combining a healthcare-concentrated Master’s degree in Business Administration or Strategic Leadership with a Doctor of Pharmacy degree, students will realize additional career opportunities upon graduation.”

The dual degree is designed for students who seek pharmacy healthcare management and leadership positions that require a combination of patient care and administrative skills. Not only can graduates pursue traditional positions in pharmacy practice, they will also be prepared for career paths in management, the pharmaceutical industry, research and education, marketing, biotechnology, entrepreneurial ventures, and more.

“At the University of Charleston, we are always focused on making sure our students receive a high-quality education,” adds Dr. Melissa Farrish, Interim Dean of the School of Business and Leadership. “By offering pharmacy students the opportunity to also earn an MBA or MSSL at no additional cost or adding to the time it takes to graduate, we are not only providing the quality of education people come to expect from UC, but we are also ensuring they are poised for career success.”