University of Charleston

The UC Athletic Department has unveiled a new Golden Eagle logo that will “honor its past and build upon its future.”


Charleston, WV – August 3, 2020 – “The process began last fall,” stated Charleston Athletic Director Bren Stevens. “Our athletic department officials decided the logo needed a new look. UC Sports Information Director Ashlie Santolla got to work, going through several iterations of a new logo until she came up with the final product. This is a big deal to bring in a new mark or a new logo, to change our brand. To do this all in-house is pretty great.”

The new logo has a forward-facing eagle with a more timeless and fiercer look than the school’s “MoHarv” mascot.

Versions of the new logo and the updated font for the UC Athletics word mark, visit:

“We were looking for something that would show the strength and resiliency of our athletes, their toughness, mentally and physically,” Stevens said.

The primary logo — a “UC” with a star in the middle of the “C” — remains part of the branding scheme.

The new logo will be gradually incorporated into UC’s apparel and uniforms. Stevens said the new logo will start showing up immediately on practice gear. Higher-ticket items like uniforms and warmups will change as the university orders new ones. The new logo should be fully integrated in one to two years.

And the old MoHarv isn’t disappearing. Stevens said there are teams at UC that love the old logo and they’ll get to keep them on their uniforms if they wish.

Overall, Stevens said the new-look logo is the right step forward for the athletic program.