University of Charleston

Dr. Jim Samuel receives Super-computing award from Rutgers.

Charleston, WV – August 3, 2020 – Jim Samuel, PhD, Associate Professor of Business Analytics, IS & Applied Artificial Intelligence at the University of Charleston, has received the OARC (Office of Advanced Research Computing) Super-computing Award from Rutgers University. This award grants him the use of Caliburn for research purposes.  Caliburn is a statewide system enabling research both locally and globally. At the time it was built (2016), it was the most powerful supercomputer system in the state of New Jersey.

In addition to his award, Dr. Samuel has co-authored and been published in several prestigious professional publications:

IEEE Access Journal has accepted an article on “Sentiment Analytics & public sentiment scenarios for COVID-19”.

Twitter analytics and machine learning was published in the Information Journal.

Samuel is finishing up an article on “Human & Artificial Intelligences Interaction Manuscript ‘Revise & Resubmit’ for Information Systems Research Journal (#12 on the FT’s global top 50 journals).

And the NBEA (National Business Education Association) has accepted his co-authored article titled “Transparency versus Performance in Financial Markets: The role of CSR Communications”.

Samuel has also been conducting a data collection exercise, creating a number of social media data sets.