University of Charleston

DREAAM Studio comes in second in Adobe Partnership Participation


Charleston, WV, April 2, 2020 – With the completion of its Adobe Illustrator Sticker workshop in March, DREAAM Studio finished the year in second place in the Adobe school partnership participation.

First place school was UC Berkeley in the percentage standings, but UC DREAAM had more participants at its workshops, tabling events, and social media activities than UCLA, U of Florida, U of Georgia, and quite a few other large D1 schools.

DREAAM has a partnership with Adobe to offer design software driven workshops, each with a target audience of 40 participants. UC is one of only 50 schools nationwide to have this sponsorship.

DREAAM Studio is a UC student-run organization focusing on Design, Research, Entrepreneurship, Analytics, Applied Computer Science, and Marketing. DREAAM is the first multidisciplinary organization on the University of Charleston’s campus.