University of Charleston

In January 2019, the ACBSP Board of Commissioners awarded candidacy status for our School of Business & Leadership programs.  (ACBSP is known throughout the world as a leading specialized global accreditor of business, accounting, and business-related programs. Recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA), ACBSP’s programs and accreditation process are uniquely focused on teaching excellence and student outcomes.)

Since then, the SOBL has been quite busy. This summer, Dean Scott Bellamy attended ACBSP’s 2019 Annual Conference in Houston, TX,, where he received the ACBSP Candidacy Certificate from Dr. Steve Parscale, ACBSP’s Chief Accreditation Officer at the conference

During the conference, Drs. Bellamy, Suvayan De, and Kim Shin submitted a poster, “Utilization of ACBSP Processes to Improve Academics and Marketing”, at ACBSP’s 2019 Annual Conference; Dr. Bellamy presented the poster which earned a first-place award for Best Poster at the conference. The winning poster displayed how UC’s School of Business & Leadership is utilizing ACBSP processes and the Baldrige Criteria to make improvements to our school’s practices, including improvements to our business curriculum, faculty qualifications, recruiting practices, and social media marketing. The first-place poster will be featured in the summer issue of ACBSP Impact magazine.

“Our business and leadership faculty and staff have done great work to implement ACBSP quality standards into our academic processes and Ashley Calvert did an outstanding job on the graphics for the poster Drs. De, Shin, and I put together. I’m very proud of our great faculty staff in the School of Business & Leadership,” said Dean Bellamy.