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San Antonio pharmacist follows father's footsteps

Release Date:  Tuesday, November 26, 2013

by Arleen Spenceley - or 727-869-6235.

SAN ANTONIO — As a child, Shannon Corkrean stood behind a pharmacy counter beside her father.

She, a first-grader, counted the pills. He, the pharmacist, recounted them. Her time in the independent pharmacy shadowing her dad taught her about customer service and math. As an adult, she uses the skills every day where she spends most of her time: behind the counter of her own pharmacy.

About a year ago, Corkrean, 27, was working as a Kmart pharmacist — her second job since finishing pharmacy school at the University of Charleston in West Virginia in 2010. But a "For Rent" banner hanging between posts in front of a beige building on Curley Street sparked thought of her ultimate goal — to open an independent pharmacy like her dad's.

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Shannon Corkrean

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