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University of Charleston Enrollment Climbs to Highest Since 1974

Release Date:  Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Charleston, W.Va. – University of Charleston President Ed Welch today announced a total enrollment of 1,935 students for the 2013-14 school year, marking the highest since 1974. 

“We are very happy students continue to see the value of a University of Charleston education and choose to enroll at one of our four locations,” said Dr. Welch. “We also look forward to the many opportunities still in front of us for growing our enrollment.” 

The total enrollment tops the Spring 2013 mark of 1,884 to stand as the highest number since 1974. UC-Charleston’s total enrollment for the Fall 2013 is 1,409, up 66 percent from 10 years ago. UC’s regional locations, which opened in January 2013 and include UC-Beckley, UC-Martinsburg and UC-Online, currently enroll 526 students. 

“The University’s bold expansion is succeeding,” said Dr. Welch. “This past May, 354 of 517 regional UC students graduated, so we were basically starting from scratch. We are very grateful to the Beckley and Martinsburg communities for their support and we look forward to a prosperous future.”

Along with UC’s regional expansion, growth has been fueled by the success of its graduate programs. The University currently offers six, including doctorates of pharmacy and executive leadership, and master’s degrees for physician assistant, strategic leadership, business administration (MBA) and forensic accounting. 


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