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Current Students

“As a Florida resident I took a chance coming this far to attend college; but the University of Charleston and Radiologic Science Program are providing me the opportunity to play baseball (the game I love), earn a Bachelor of Science degree, and prepare for a career. As a junior student and athlete, I must find the balance between my athletic endeavors and being prepared in the classroom and clinical setting. At times it is tough and takes much discipline but it is well worth the effort and I am closer to reaching success. My experience so far at UC has been great!”
—Andrew Stricter, Class of 2012 


Former Students

"Pursuing an education on foreign soil can be an intimidating experience. When I landed in Charleston West Virginia in August of 2005, I did not know what to expect. My fears however, were alleviated by the warm welcome and hospitality I received from the Radiologic Science department at the University of Charleston.  Jon-Tait Beason, President, Pre-Professional Health, Planning and Preparedness (ppHpp) This department has a stellar team of experts in various medical imaging modalities who bring the knowledge compounded by their experience to the classroom to impart to anyone willing to learn. Furthermore, clinical rotations are coordinated in a fashion that allows students to widen the breadth of their experience. During my time in this program, a trauma center, an orthopedic clinic, an outpatient center, and a women’s and children’s hospital were among the facilities through which I rotated. Moreover, along with general radiography, I graduated with enough competencies to sit for the ARRT examination for my specialty, Magnetic Resonance Imaging. Soon after graduating, I was employed. On the job, I felt prepared and competent, testimony to the proficiency, dedication, and thoughtfulness of this team. Even now that I am moving on to pursue a career in medicine, I am still using the lessons learnt and the values they inculcated in me. My time there was well spent!"
—Jon-Tait Beason, Class of 2009
President, Pre-Professional Health, Planning and Preparedness (ppHpp)

"My journey into the field of Radiology has been a long one, upon arriving in the United States about 10 years ago from my home country Ghana. As a certified home health aide, EMT, EKG, and phlebotomist in New York City, providing effective primary health care has always been my passion... Choosing a degree in Radiologic Science has been as result of my burning interest in patients’ ongoing care. Victor KobsonMy desire to relocate to pursue my dream was further boosted as UC is one of the few universities in the East Coast that offers specialties in Radiologic Science. Being a Radiologic student in UC, I do appreciate the experience of being among the first to deliver medical assistance to casualties or patients before transferring them to the next level of care.... Having been given the chance to pursue a degree in Radiologic Science at UC, there will be no doubt that I will further develop the clinical expertise required to provide excellent care for my patients and someday go back to Ghana to share my knowledge and skills that I got from UC."
—Victor Kobson, Class of 2011 

"Many times in medical imaging, technologists face situations that test our knowledge and skills. Dewayne KirkpatrickThis causes us to rely on critical thinking to adapt to situations so proper patient care is delivered. I have also found this the case in my personal life. Learning and refining those skills at the University of Charleston has helped me achieve the first step in my quest for success. As a Level I MRI Technologist, I am now applying the knowledge I have learned from my education in Radiologic Science and achieving my career goals. During the University of Charleston commencement ceremony, the idea "Dream Big" was vocalized. That is great advise because if you dream big and work hard, those dreams become a reality."

—Dewayne Kirkpatrick, B.S.,R.T, Class of 2010, UC Senior of the Year 

"The experiences I obtained through my classes and clinical rotations at the University of Charleston improved my communications skills, allowed me to grow as a person, and helped mold me into the technologist I am today."
—Amy McBee, B.S.,R.T, Class of 2010 

Amy McBee  

“My educational experience at UC definitely laid the foundation for a successful career in healthcare and leadership. The Radiologic Technology program at UC was, and still Roger Rhodes, CEO, Baylor Surgicalis, among the elite programs in the United States. I have first-hand experience working with similar programs in six states and have never found one that measures up to UC’s standards of excellence. The faculty at UC, and the clinical and management staff that I worked with at CAMC were excellent and were very committed to my education and growth. In particular, I was very positively influenced by the leadership and commitment to quality that I observed…. I also recall a conversation with my Clinical Instructor Oleta Higginbotham when she impressed on me that the only limits to my professional growth were those that I imposed on myself. These were defining moments in the life of a young boy from a small West Virginia town. Very few Radiologic Technologists have the opportunity to become a hospital CEO. There is no question that the education I received at UC and the influence of the leaders I encountered during that time, opened doors for me that I could never have imagined by myself.”

—Roger Rhodes, FACHE, Class of 1985
Chief Executive Officer, Baylor Surgical Hospital at Fort Worth

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