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Goals & Student Learning Outcomes

Goal #1- Students/Graduates will demonstrate competence as an entry-level radiographer 

            Student Learning Outcomes:

            1.1-Students will provide optimal patient care and assessment techniques

            1.2- Students will apply positioning & technique skills to obtain diagnostic images

            1.3- Students will practice radiation safety principles


Goal #2- Students will demonstrate effective communication skills 

            Student Learning Outcomes:

            2.1- Students will demonstrate written communication skills

            2.2- Students will demonstrate effective oral communication skills


Goal #3- Students/Graduates will employ critical thinking skills in professional practice 

            Student Learning Outcomes:

            3.1- Students will identify non-routine patients and adapt standard procedures.

            3.2- Students will critique images including identifying anatomy to determine diagnostic quality.


Goal #4-Student will model professionalism 

            Student Learning Outcomes:

            4.1-Students will practice according to legal and ethical principles

            4.2-Students will engage in professional development activities



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