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Student Testimonials

“The psychology department at the University of Charleston has provided me with academic help and encouragement in many different ways. The classes that are required by the psychology department are not only intriguing but very informational. Even though I am only a sophomore the excellent teaching techniques used by the professors have made me feel educated beyond my years.”
— Colleen Crisafulli, UC Psychology Major, Class of 2013 

“The Psychology program at the University of Charleston has provided me with an exceptional understanding of how real world problems and science coincide in our everyday lives. The classes include a mixture of principle and foundational courses, along with highly popular electives such as Human Sexuality, Terrorism, and Cognitive Psychology. Each and every subject, within this program, will prepare me for my future work in Clinical Psychology. I truly enjoy studying this field as it is the fine line between scientific theories and issues that face our society on a daily basis.”
— Jordan E. Knabb, UC Psychology Major, SGA President, Class of 2012 

“The Psychology Department has greatly benefited me during my time at UC.  Not only have Dr. Bayly and Dr. Spiker been understanding and helpful in accommodating my needs to participate in football, but they have helped me lay a foundation for my future.  Everyday interactions with my peers, coaches, and professors have become even easier with the understanding of people thanks to the Psychology department.  I couldn't be more thankful that I chose Psychology as my major.”
— Matthew Farhat, UC Psychology Major, Psi Chi Member, Class of 2012 

“The psychology program at the University of Charleston has broadened my knowledge of various psychological concepts and theories as well as how to conduct my own research. The diverse curriculum is well rounded to educate about the history of the field as well as next steps in research studies. In addition, I have learned the essential skills of gathering and assessing raw data with the proper statistical analysis.”
— Christina Samoilov, UC Psychology Major, Psi Chi President, Class of 2011 

“The psychology faculty at the University of Charleston have a strong passion for the success of their students. They work tirelessly to ensure that students develop a solid foundation in research and have a well-rounded knowledge base in various specialty fields. Dr. Spiker and Dr. Bayly are truly gifted teachers and I feel thankful to have had the privilege of being one of their students.”
— Bailey Bryant, Class of 2009, Psy.D. graduate student, Xavier University (Ohio) 

“UC's psychology program has given me the tools to successfully further my career in psychology. With its emphasis on research, I adapted well into a graduate program, earning a master’s degree and presenting at psychology conferences. None of my accomplishments would have been possible without the individualized attention and advice I received from Dr. Spiker and Dr. Bayly during my undergraduate career at UC.”
— Amy Jane Dill, Class of 2008, John Jay College of CUNY 

“The University of Charleston gave me the knowledge and skills I needed to succeed as a graduate student. The college atmosphere and small class sizes provided opportunities that would not have been available at larger institutions, such as participating in departmental research as a sophomore.  It is there that I discovered my love of research and found my niche in a field that is rewarding and challenging. I can honestly say that I would not be the person I am today without my experiences at the University of Charleston, and I will forever appreciate the guidance I received in my short time there.”
— Jessica Gore, Class of 2007, Graduate of Appalachian State University, M.A. in I/O Psychology