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Psychology Program Requirements

The Psychology major consists of two tracks, the Bachelor of Sciences (BS) and the Bachelor of Arts (BA). Overwhelmingly, students in the BS and BA tracks will complete the same sequences of courses to achieve their respective degrees. The primary distinction between the two tracks is that the BS track  is intended for students who plan to pursue an advanced degree in psychology or related fields, such as social work. 

The BS track is offered exclusively in-seat at the Charleston campus. 

The BA track is primarily intended for students who plan to pursue employment immediately following completion of their undergraduate degree. The BA track is offered both in-seat and online

Students following both tracks are required to complete a minimum of 120 credit hours, including 24 credits of Psychology courses and 12 credits of Research Methods core courses. Finally, it is highly recommended that all psychology majors work closely with their program advisor to plan how to best attain their educational goals.

Additional Requirements

Students must meet all Liberal Learning Outcomes required for graduation from the University of Charleston. Psychology majors must take and pass a comprehensive examination or its equivalent prior to or during the final semester of the senior year.

In partial fulfillment of the requirements of the PSYC 452 course, students present the results of their research to faculty and peers. This traditionally occurs at the Tri-State Undergraduate Psychology Conference and the University of Charleston Showcase held each spring.

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