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Student Testimonials

Current Students

“I loved the small school environment. I also loved the feel of Charleston as a community. The staff and Professors seemed very helpful and made me feel at home.”
— Melanie Hahn, Class of 2011 

“I love UC because I feel I have had a great student-teacher relationship”
— Kendra Smith, Class of 2011 

“As a Pre-Medical student at the University of Charleston I have found a team of professors who are dedicated to teaching. Every professor is passionate about the subject they teach and eager to spend time with students when extra help is needed. They focus not only on the transfer of knowledge but also on the personal development each students needs to be successful in their career. Any student pursuing a career in medicine is very well prepared.”
— Patrick Tyrell, Class of 2011 

Former Students

“UC is more than a college campus it is a close-knit community of its own, and I felt as though the UC community would best accommodate my learning with the small student-teacher ratio”
— Elisa Evans, Class of 2010; currently at the Physician Assistant Program Marietta College 

“The biology program at UC offered plenty of hands-on laboratory experience, and the courses continuously integrated clinical correlations that maintained my interest in pursuing a career in medicine. My classmates in the science department became like family, and the professors always took extra time to help us learn. These qualities made me greatly enjoy my time at UC and made me feel very well prepared when I started medical school.”
— Ashley Jones, Class of 2008; currently at the West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine