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Nursing Labs

The Bert Bradford Division of Health Sciences at the University of Charleston – Beckley use state-of-the-art equipment and technology.  Facilities such as the Skills Lab and the Simulation Lab provide students with opportunities to practice their healthcare skills in a low-stress, simulated environment before caring for real patients.

Skills Labs

The Skills Lab has 6 individual units which simulate the hospital environment. 

Practice makes perfect when learning complex healthcare skills, and practicing in the lab gives UC student confidence when using their skills in real clinical settings.  Students learn and practice skills in class and independently familiarizing themselves with the current durable and disposable medical equipment.

Special healthcare practice manikins stand in for patients, because mistakes can be part of the learning process.  Students also use computer assisted instruction to prepare for clinical skills and enhance their critical thinking abilities.  Opportunities for students to practice documentation skills in the lab closely simulate a real clinical experience.

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