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Student Testimonials

Current Students

“As an interior design student at UC, I have learned and applied the fundamentals of design by dedicated professors that have a passion for teaching and design. The interior design program has exceeded far beyond my expectations in the quality of work expected, devoted professors, and the welcoming environment in and out of the classroom. I know I am receiving the best education and experience in order to be successful in this industry. It is an honor to be in this program.”
—Emilee Barnett, Junior Class of 2011 

“My experience at UC in the design program has been exceptional. It is especially for those who appreciate excellence, and are interested in the learning experience. The professors are exceptional, giving us the opportunity to pull from within ourselves our creative intellect and channel it properly in order to transition from our freshman year progressively into a career. I have attended three different universities, and UC does it right.”
—Sue Dewhurst, Junior Class of 2011 

Former Students

“Entering the professional design world, I have felt nothing short of prepared thanks to the University of Charleston’s IDES program. Together, devoted professors and quality courses combine to create a well rounded curriculum preparing the student designer for the real world.”
—Natalie Rauma, 2009 Graduate, WD Partners, Columbus, Ohio 

“The Interior Design program at UC is exceptional. Whether you have an art and design based background or not, you'll find courses and instructors who will help shape your mind to be creative and explore a multitude of design facets. Coming from an art and design background, I found myself constantly being challenged by the Interior Design Professors. Their knowledge of the design world and products is outstanding. They allowed me to focus and explore areas that I was particularly interested in. As a current Architecture Graduate Student, I have found myself more than prepared and knowledgeable in my studies due to the Design program at the University of Charleston. It opened up multiple possibilities and created a network for my future in the design world, and I am thankful I had to the opportunity to learn and earn my Interior Design degree at UC.”
—Jenna Theden, 2009 Graduate, SCAD Graduate Student of Architecture, WD Partners, Columbus, OH