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Student Testimonials

Current Students

“The University of Charleston's English program has caused a deep growth in my education.  My love of literature, writing, reading, and the evolution thereof has been confirmed and refined, class after class.  This program will produce only those who will certainly be able to display a solid form of knowledge and understanding in the English field."
— Natalie Hoblitzell, English, class of 2011 

“UC's English program is delegated by qualified professionals that have offered me one of the most positive experiences of my academic career. In hand with exposure to diverse pieces of literature, I have been provoked to examine my own thought process, ethics, and values while studying them. While the program has been challenging, the staff's support and unique approaches to teaching has allowed me to gain in-depth knowledge of material and appreciation of texts, as well as a strong sense of pride in myself. It is a great choice for any student who wishes to deepen their knowledge and love for reading, writing, and understanding of literature."
— Amy Snead, English, class of 2011 

Former Students

“Our program was small and allowed myself and my fellow students to become close-knit as we had so many classes together…While my education was both challenging and rewarding, the relationships built and experiences had among my professors and peers are the memories I look back upon most fondly.”
— Cali Wesson, English, class of 2008 

“My time in the English Department at The University of Charleston was a great experience. The professors were always willing to provide extra, individual attention and seemed to really care about my success, both academically and professionally.”
— Mallory Legg, English, class of 2008. Graduate student, Ohio University, 2010 

“Our [English] program prepared me for the critical thinking of grad school- the eclectic nature of the courses was probably the best preparation for having an appreciation for true education.”
— Ashley Clark, English, class of 2008, Marshall graduate student, Humanities, 2011