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Elementary Education (K–6)

The Elementary Education certification provides graduates with the skills necessary to teach in an elementary classroom for grades Kindergarten through 6th grade. Elementary Education majors may add options to their program:

  • Add a double major in (English, History, Psychology, or Art) which will help them be more marketable.
  • Add a subject area minor (English, History, Science, Psychology, Art, etc.) which will help them be more marketable. 
  • Add a double major in Special Education (dual certification with Multi-categorical Special Education), 2 certifications.
  • Add a double major in Special Education (dual certification with Multi-categorical Special Education) and a subject area minor, 2 certifications and a minor for the price of one degree. 

Students take a variety of content-specific methods courses related to language arts, reading, social studies, science, art, music, health, and physical education in order to prepare them for the elementary classroom. During these methods courses, students participate in field experiences where they interact with teachers and provide learning experiences for elementary students.

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Night and Weekend Classes Available at UC Beckley

The program is designed for those who need to complete their degree without interrupting their busy schedules. Classes are held every other week, Tuesday through Friday in the evenings, as well as Saturday mornings and afternoons.

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