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Double Majors

Business Administration students can choose to double major in Business Administration and Finance or Accounting. Such a combination provides the student a broader range of opportunities at graduation.

Three-Year Program

The Business Administration program can be completed in three years by motivated and academically strong students. To do so is rigorous and requires the students to take courses in a specified sequence. Students interested in this accelerated three-year program should meet with their advisors to make sure they are on track with the appropriate courses.

MBAL Scholars Program (Master of Business Administration & Leadership (MBAL) for Full-time Students)

The MBAL Scholars program is an accelerated program for talented high school graduates who want to move quickly through their undergraduate program and enter directly into the University’s Master of Business Administration & Leadership (MBAL) program for full-time students.  Students completing their accounting degrees in three years have the opportunity to move into UC’s MBA program and complete both the undergraduate and graduate degrees in fewer than five years.

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