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General Biology Concentration

The general Biology major is designed for students whose future goals do not foresee the need for additional chemistry, or medical related electives. This includes students who plan on careers in environmental science, graduate school in biology related areas or biological consulting fields. This program leads to a B.S. in Biology.

For the general Biology major, the student must fulfill the Liberal Learning Outcomes (LLOs) of the University and must also take the following courses.

Required Natural Science Course

Course Title Credits
NSCI 220 Statistics in Research 3

Required Biology Core Courses

Course Title Credits
BIOL 126 Writing Portfolio 1
BIOL 130 Intro Biology for Majors 4
BIOL 215 General Botany 4
BIOL 224 General Zoology 4
BIOL 301 Anatomy & Physiology for Majors I 4
BIOL 302 Anatomy & Physiology for Majors II  4
BIOL 331 Microbiology for Majors 4
BIOL 332 Genetics 4
BIOL 495 Research in Science 3
BIOL 496 Seminar in Science 1
BIOL 497 Research in Science Portfolio 1

Biology Electives (Need 2)

Course Title Credits
BIOL 321 Animal Parasitology 4
BIOL 333 Immunology 4
BIOL 400 Ecology 4
BIOL 420 Intro to Pathophysiology 3
BIOL 421 Intro to Pathophysiology II 3
BIOL 422 Embryology 4
BIOL 451 Cell and Molecular Biology 4
BIOL 453 Virology 4

Required Physics Courses

Course Title Credits
PHSC 201 Introductory Physics I 4
PHSC 202 Introductory Physics II 4

Required Chemistry Courses

Course Title Credits
CHEM 101 General Chemistry I 4
CHEM 102 General Chemistry II 4
CHEM 201 Organic Chemistry I 4
CHEM 202 Organic Chemistry II 4

Required Mathematics Courses

Course Title Credits
MATH 123 Pre-Calculus 4
MATH 201 Calculus I 4

*Other electives are offered and may be taken with the permission of the Program Coordinator or Department Chair. Online or web courses will not count as elective credit toward your major or minor.

Requirements for K-12 teaching certification in Biology and General Science are detailed in the Education Program.

Prerequisites: Please note prerequisites for many science courses. You must take the prescribed prerequisites before taking a science course.

Typical First-Year Schedule

Course Title Credits Course Title Credits
UNIV 101 Orientation to University 1 UNIV 102 The University Experience 1
  FYE Course 3   FYE Course 3
MATH 123 Pre-calculus 4 MATH 201 Calculus 4
BIOL 130 Biological Science 4 BIOL 224 Zoology 4
CHEM 101 Gen. Chemistry I 4 CHEM 102 Gen. Chemistry II 4