University of Charleston

2019 I3 Innovation Showcase Winners


Student Process

  1. “TCO LLC” – Toby Heaney
  2. Kimberly Ferrell, Malinda Estep, Olivia Myers
  3. “Patient Transportation: Bridging the Discharge Gap” – Selina Booth, Maria Banez, Sheena Chambers


Student Product

  1. “Beehive” – Alexander Sypolt
  2. “Insularm” – Brooksanna Burke
  3. “Right Dose, Every Time: An Innovative Approach to Pediatric Resuscitation”- Kirsten Long, Hannah Martin, Matthew Kiser


Student Art – Individual

  1. “Therapy” – Mallorie Mize
  2. “A Silent Cry” – Nicole Mata
  3. “Student Center” – Katelyn Goins


Student Art – Group

  1. “Pangea” – Autumn Smith, Luther Toney, Steven Snedegar, Bernadette Luby, Maet Cantu
  2. “Fusion 2.0” – Jasleen Kaur, Stephanie Turner
  3. “Zisney” – Sharieli Perez-Moran, Desma Feather, MacKenzie Loos, John Tyler, Gilbert Craig, Zachary Blake


Student Research

  1. “An Antibiotic, Two Plants, and a Natural Remedy… How Do They Compare Against E. coli?” – Carrie Deal
  2. “The Effects of Sargassum Amendments on Soil Health Parameters in a WV Agricultural Soil” – Sommer Dilly
  3. “The Watchman” – Katelyn Zachary


Student Case Study

  1. “ZZZZ Best” – Craig Allen, Jordan Peck
  2. “Bernie Madoff: The Great Ponzi Scheme” – Kaylee E. Wileman, Natalie Wright, Hannah Canady
  3. “HealthSouth, Inc.: A Case of Corporate Fraud” – Brooke G. Holstine, Landon J. Miller, Byron R. Hurd


Faculty Process

  1. “Ethics Across Professions: An Interprofessional Experience” – Sandra S. Bowles, Melissa Layne, Jennifer Pack
  2. “POLS 2580 Initiative” – Bradford Deel
  3. “Engaging Students Inside and Outside the Classroom Using DoceriTM and an Apple i-Pad” – David Hass


Faculty Product

  1. “Phoenix Planner” – David Ramsburg, Ray Yeager
  2. “UCommunity App” – Anna Hughes, Rebecca Newman


Faculty Art

  1. “New Orleans, Immerse Your Senses” – Shelley Schliesser
  2. “Taking Another Spin on the Pottery Wheel” – Michelle Knight
  3. “The Inspired Nature of Art” – Gary Boyd


Faculty Research

  1. “An Examination of Forbe’s Financial Health Grade for Private Higher Education Institutions” – Rick Farris
  2. “Studies of Charge-transfer Oxidation of Alcohols by Uranyl (VI) Using UV-Vis and Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Spectroscopies” – Xiaoping Sun