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UC Reference Guide to the Curriculum (a.k.a. the Red Notebook)

The UC Reference Guide to the Curriculum, which is created and distributed by the Faculty Center, provides information and documents related to the University of Charleston’s outcomes-based curriculum.  The guide is organized into sections that include general information, the Liberal Learning Outcomes, curricular procedures, and curriculum data.  

This electronic version of the reference guide has links to online resources that are identified in the manual and to all sections and subsections in the document. To access information inside the guide, click on the links embedded in the Table of Contents page.

Tip: Once you have followed a link to a specific page in the document, you can go back to the Table of Contents by using the Alt + Left Arrow function (press the Alt button on the bottom left side of keyboard and press the   arrow on the bottom right side of the keyboard). Use of this function will make your information searches much easier.

Contact Information

Faculty Center
Schoenbaum Library, 3rd Floor

Cheryl Moses
Administrative Assistant
Schoenbaum Library, 3rd Floor

Donna Lewis
Assistant Dean for Assessment
Schoenbaum Library, Room 303

Barbara Wright
Associate Dean for Curriculum
Dean, Morris Harvey Division of Arts and Sciences
Riggleman Hall 103-B