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Master of Business Administration & Leadership (MBAL)

University of Charleston's Master of Business Administration & Leadership (MBAL) prepares you for a life of leadership in a rapidly changing global economy.

Our MBAL program employs a problem-based approach in the classroom coupled with continuous professional practice opportunities, which involve:

  • Engaging business professionals in the classroom to learn how to address real-world situations
  • Practicing key skills on-site every semester while embedded in a rotating group of diverse organizations (e.g., BB&T Bank, Triana Energy, CAMC, NGK SparkPlugs) representing multiple industries (e.g., banking, energy, manufacturing healthcare, the arts), across each sector of society (private, public, and nonprofit)
  • Gaining global prospective through and intense international practicum where you will live and work abroad while imbedded in a foreign firm
  • Developing essential entrepreneurial attitudes and habits that will propel a successful career launch upon graduation
  • Building a network of close relationships with business leaders that will support and sustain career development beyond graduation

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Apply Now 

Contact Information

MBAL Program Coordinator

Dr. David L. Luechauer, Ph.D.
Professor & Cecil I. Walker Chair of Management

Admissions Representative

Jessica Johnson

School of Business
900 Virginia Street, East
Charleston, WV 25301

Dr. Scott Bellamy, MBA
Dean of the School of Business

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