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Career Opportunities in Forensic Accounting

Forensic accounting is the fastest-growing niche market in the accounting profession.  Potential career opportunities are numerous, in both the private and government sectors.

A key emphasis of the MFAcc curriculum is practical application.  Instructors commonly relate course content to their real-world experiences, and problem-based assignments/projects allow students to operationalize abstract concepts.  Throughout the program, students are challenged to identify opportunities to leverage their newly-acquired knowledge and skills for career advancement. 

Several MFAcc graduates from past cohorts have been promoted within their existing organizations or have obtained positions with new employers.  





Various companies /organizations


Internal Auditor
Compliance Officer 

CPA / consulting firms


External Auditor
Valuation Analyst
Expert Witness
Consulting Expert
Fraud Investigator 

 Insurance companies


Claims Examiner
Fraud Investigator 

Law enforcement (state and federal)


Documents Examiner
Digital Analyst
Special Agent (FBI)

Regulatory agencies (e.g., Federal Reserve, SEC)


Financial Analyst

Internal Revenue Service


Tax Examiner
Tax Specialist
Tax Compliance Officer
Internal Revenue Agent 

Government Accountability Office 


Financial Analyst
Financial Auditor
Criminal Investigator