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Faculty Center


The mission of the Faculty Center is to support faculty in the design, delivery and assessment of learning opportunities that prepare each student for a life of productive work, enlightened living, and community involvement.

Outcomes of the Faculty Center

  • Guide and support the work of the Liberal Learning Roundtables.
  • Design and deliver faculty development opportunities to strengthen teaching, learning, assessment and technology on the UC campus.
  • Assess student achievement of Liberal Learning Outcomes.
  • Provide assistance to faculty designing or redesigning assignments, courses or programs.
  • Identify and address academic technology needs.

The University of Charleston Faculty Center invests its resources in technology, assessment, retention, and faculty development. As part of these efforts, we are:

  • Working to set a national standard for integrative learning
  • Assessing student learning across multiple years
  • Helping to improve retention
  • Promoting faculty development opportunities
  • Expanding understanding of UC's outcomes-based curriculum
  • Supporting the work of the Liberal Learning Outcome Roundtables
  • Identifying measures of merit for all academic programs at the institution

Liberal Learning Outcomes Definitions

Liberal Learning Outcome Rubrics

Liberal Learning Outcome Course Approval Lists

Roundtable Information and Proposal/Submission Forms

Curriculum Information and Proposal/Submission Forms

UC Reference Guide to the Curriculum (a.k.a. the Red Notebook)

Assessment at UC

Technology Resources

Additional Faculty Resources/Registrar Forms

Degree Qualifications Profile/LLO Project

Faculty Development

UC Credit Hour Policy 

Contact Information

Faculty Center
Schoenbaum Library, 3rd Floor

Cheryl Moses
Administrative Assistant
Schoenbaum Library, 3rd Floor

Donna Lewis
Assistant Dean for Assessment
Schoenbaum Library, Room 303

Barbara Wright
Associate Dean for Curriculum
Dean, Morris Harvey Division of Arts and Sciences
Riggleman Hall 103-B