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Common Writing Problems

A survey of ASC Consultants reveals that the following (in no particular order) are the most common problems in our clients' writing:

  • Thesis/focus. Writers generally tell all they know about a topic.
  • Organization. Keeping each paragraph focused on a separate idea is difficult.
  • Purpose. Writers generally cannot identify a reason for writing.
  • Audience. Little or no attention is given to audience because the teacher is seen as the only audience.
  • Revising. A first draft is usually considered a final draft.
  • Assignment. Writers have difficulty understanding the requirements of the assignment.
  • Development. Ideas are generally underdeveloped.
  • Documentation. Writers are confused about or unaware of the type of documentation style to use.
  • Conclusions. Conclusions are generally foregone.
  • Conventions. Grammar, spelling, punctuation, and usage errors are prevalent especially when writers are unclear about the assignment.