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Help, Hints, References, and Resources for the Practicing and Practical Librarian

Links last updated/verified on November 13, 2014.

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General Resources

BUBL Information Service Library Information mega Meta-Site. 
Internet Library for Librarians
Librarian's Yellow Pages
Library - Resources for the Wired Librarian  

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Alibris Database of used, rare, and o.p. books and maps. Includes database of missing and stolen book information. Search or post.
Barnes & Includes an o.p. search service.
Books & Book Collecting o.p. books, and Set Maker, a service to help you find missing volumes of book sets.
Compact Disc Connection Also a source for DVDs and VHS tapes.
Facets Multimedia catalog. Source information for software, journals, books, and genome projects (!!) 
Literary Marketplace Addresses for U.S. and Canadian publishers, plus an International section. Need an address for a publisher in Afghanistan or Papua New Guinea? Check here. Free registration required. 
U.S. Government Online Bookstore  

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Authority Control Tools for the control of names and subject headings

a.k.a. Pseudonyms, working names, nicknames, maiden names, and other guides to the way authors hide their identity!
Art and Architecture Thesaurus From the Getty Institute.
Classical and Contemporary Composers Name list.
Getty Thesaurus of Geographic Names
Global Legal Information Network (GLIN) Thesaurus From the Library of Congress.
Legislative Indexing Vocabulary From the Library of Congress.
Library of Congress Authorities From LC, the authority on authorities!
Thesaurus for Graphic Materials: Subject Terms From LC.
Thesaurus of Graphical Materials: Genre and Physical Characteristics Terms From LC.
Union List of Artist's Names From the Getty Institute. 
USMARC Concise Format for Authority Data 

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Dewey Decimal Classification Home Page 
Outline of LC Classification From LC.

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Collection Development

Academia: An Online Magazine and Resource for Academic Librarians From Baker & Taylor, news on recent academic publications. Unsigned reviews, but good for keeping up with announcements of new material. 
AwardWeb A major collection of links to information on literary awards Everything from the Nobel to the Edgar. The genre links should be especially helpful for those in small libraries who might not read extensively in more than one genre. Keep up with the "must haves" in unfamiliar literary territory. 
Bookpage Full text book reviews and articles.
Movie Review Query Engine at Telerama Searchable database of some 90,000 full text reviews of 15,000 films.
Pulitzer Prizes Official site.
QBR: The Black Book Review Online Signed reviews of fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and children's titles.

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Conservation and Preservation

Bookbinding and the Preservation of Books: A Dictionary of Descriptive Terminology Need to know about "acacia gum," "madder lake," or "zebra marble"? Check here. By Matt T. Roberts and Don Etherington.
Drawings by Margaret R. Brown
CoOL Conservation Online Everything from deacidification to mold and reprographics.
Regional Alliance for Preservation A consortium of organizations with interest in preservation and conservation issues. The page offers lists of publications on preservation techniques, and announcements of training opportunities. 

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ARL Statement of Principles
CONTU Guidelines on Photocopying for Interlibrary Loan Purposes From the National Commission on New Technological Uses of Copyrighted Works (CONTU)
Copyright Clearance Center
Copyright Good information on current law. Site created and maintained by Lesley Ellen Harris.

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Descriptive & Subject Cataloging

Program for Cooperative Cataloging Library of Congress. 
Categories for the Descriptions of Works of Art Getty Institute.
A Guide to the Description of Architectural Drawings Getty Institute.
Cataloging Electronic Newspapers From CONSER Module 33.18. 
Cataloging Remote Access Computer File Serials Module 31 from CONSER, this is a guide to cataloging e-zines and e-journals. 
Free-floating Subject Subdivisions From Columbia University libraries.
Guideline for the Use of Field 856 From the Library of Congress.
International Standard Music Numbers Manual From the National Library of Canada. More than you probably want to know about these, but a thorough introduction to this musical version of the ISBN.
LC Cataloging Policy and Support Office 
Types of Composition for Use in Music Uniform Titles 

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Intellectual Freedom

ALA's Intellectual Freedom Office
Banned Books Online 

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Interlibrary Loan

CONTU Guidelines on Photocopying for Interlibrary Loan Purposes From the National Commission on New Technological Uses of Copyrighted Works (CONTU)
Ingenta Set up a deposit account for document delivery. 
OCLC Participating Institutions 

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American Libraries Online 
ASIS Bulletin Full content. 
Bookpage Full text book reviews and articles. 
Computers in Libraries Partial content; table of contents and selected full text articles and columns. 
Current Cites Annotated bibliography of selected articles, books and digital documents on information technology. Electronic access only. No print counterpart. full content.
D-Lib Magazine Monthly electronic magazine about digital libraries.
Information Outlook Online From Special Libraries Association. Access to current issue restricted to members, past issues are available to all.
Information Research E-journal, full text. 
Issues in Science & Technology Librarianship Full text. 
Library Journal Digital Includes the best seller list, news, hot picks, jobs, more.
Library of Congress Information Bulletin News from our National Library.
LIBRES: Library and Information Science Research Journal Refereed e-journal, full text.
LLRX - Law Library Research Exchange "...a unique Webzine with a special focus on research, management and technology topics for legal professionals." Full content. 
PW Online All the publishing news that's fit to print, from Publisher's Weekly. Articles, best seller info, "best book" lists. 
School Library Journal Online Full text of selected articles, including their "most wanted" articles.

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048 Field Codes Number of Musical Instruments or Voices From OCLC.
Code List for Countries USMARC from Library of Congress. 
Guidelines for Applying Language Codes for Sign Language LC.
Language Codes Library of Congress.
Relator, Sources, Description Convention Codes Library of Congress.

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MARC Format

AACR2 Place Abbreviations Internet Library for Librarians.
Authority MARC data Library of Congress. 
Guidelines for the Use of Field 856 Library of Congress. 
Use of Subfield v for Form Divisions in Subject Headings University of Southern Mississippi.

From the Library of Congress:

USMARC Concise Format for Bibliographic Data 
USMARC Concise Format for Community Information 
USMARC Concise Format for Holdings Data 

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American Association of Law Libraries
American Association of School Librarians
American Library Association 
American Society for Information Science
Art Libraries Society of North America
Association of College & Research Libraries 
Canadian Library Association
MLA NET: the Medical Library Association Network of Health Information Professionals
Music Library Association
Special Libraries Association 

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