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Wellness Studies and Fitness

Wellness Studies and Fitness is part of UC’s Educational Studies, a non-certification area degree track. Wellness Studies and Fitness majors are knowledgeable and skilled in health and fitness for individuals of all ages (early childhood to adulthood). At UC, we provide individuals who want to work in an education-related career, but may not want to teach in K-12 classrooms, the ability to graduate with a degree in education. Graduates are prepared to work with in non-teaching certification roles in the field of education. They are eligible for employment in health and fitness organizations, non-profit agencies, social services agencies, corporations that provide materials and/or support for health, fitness, and the education field, and family entertainment/media corporations. 

Wellness Studies and Fitness majors may add options to their program, making them more marketable:

  • Add a subject area minor (Biology, Chemistry, and Sports Administration) 
  • Qualify for certification as a strengthening and conditioning coach or a personal trainer because they take the courses required to take the appropriate assessment for this certification
  • Majors will graduate with the option to return and earn a second degree in Wellness Education, providing them with PreK-Adult teacher certification

Students take a variety of health and fitness courses including content-specific methods courses related to health education, science, and physical education. During these courses, students participate in field experiences where they interact with teachers, fitness experts, educational professionals, community service professionals, and provide learning experiences for individuals of all ages (early childhood to adulthood).

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Wellness Studies and Fitness

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