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Create Notes Pages for Your Presentations

April 2, 2012

In PowerPoint you can use note pages with your presentation. Each note page shows a small version of the slide and has an area for speaker notes. Use the notes pane in Normal view to write notes about your slides. (To get to Normal view, on the View tab, in the Presentation Views group, click Normal.)

You can type and format your notes as you work in Normal view, but to see how your notes pages will print and to see the full effect of any text formatting, such as font colors, switch to Notes Page view. You can also check and change the headers and footers of your notes in Notes Page view.

  • Each notes page shows a slide thumbnail, together with the notes that accompany that slide. In Notes Page view, you can embellish your notes with charts, pictures, tables, or other illustrations.
  • Notes pages include your notes and each slide in the presentation.
  • Each slide prints on its own notes page.
  • Your notes accompany the slide.
  • You can add data, such as charts or pictures, to your notes pages.

Pictures and objects that you add in Notes Page view appear on your printed notes page, but not on your screen in Normal view.

The changes, additions, and deletions that you make on a notes page apply only to that notes page and to the note text in Normal view.

If you want to enlarge, reposition, or format the slide image area or notes area, make your changes in Notes Page view.  You can't draw or put pictures in the notes pane in Normal view. Switch to Notes Page view and draw or add the picture there.

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