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Student Immigration Regulations

The following section provides general immigration information.  If students have questions regarding their immigration status, they should contact the Director of International Programs in the International Office on the third floor of the Geary Student Union (GSU).   Students should NOT rely on friends, professors or staff in your academic department for advice on immigration matters.  While these people are well intentioned, they do not know all of the regulations pertaining to a specific student’s immigration status and situation.  Following inappropriate advice may jeopardize legal status in the U.S. or may cause students to lose available opportunities.

PLEASE NOTE: U.S. Immigration regulations are subject to change, so students should always check with the Director of International Programs before traveling outside of the U.S., transferring to another school, making changes to your course load or major, considering employment, or completing their studies.

All schools that accept international students must be SEVIS (Student and Exchange Visitor Information System) approved schools.  All new F-1 students are issued an immigration document (an I-20) through the SEVIS system.   


Contact Information

Elizabeth Slack
Director of International Programs
International & ESL Programs
University of Charleston
2300 MacCorkle Avenue SE
Charleston, WV  25304

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