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Clinical Preceptors

Heather Adams, ATC — A-Game Sports Performance/South Charleston High School
Lesleigh Barber, PT — Thomas Memorial Physical Therapy
Robert Benson, PT — Thomas Memorial Physical Therapy
Dr. Tom Bowden, DO — Charleston Internal Medicine
Dr. Chris Bowman, MD — Dunbar Medical Associates
Christina Britton, FNP — Charleston Internal Medicine
Dan Clifton, MEd, ATC, CES – University of Charleston
Brad Coleman, MS, ATC, CSCS — Teays Physical Therapy/Potential Plus
Amy Combs, PA-C — Charleston Internal Medicine
Dr. Robert Eggleston, DO — Charleston Internal Medicine 
Andrea Geary, MPT, ATC, Cert. MDT — Elk Valley Physical Therapy
Robbie Gordon, MS, ATC — Buffalo High School
Craig Hansel, ATC, CSCS, Cert. MDT — Dynamic Physical Therapy
Kellie Hansel, PA-C — Family Health Associates
Jenni Johnson, MS, ATC — University of Charleston
Kaitlin Kelly, MS, ATC — University of Charleston
Chris Kennedy, PA-C — Dunbar Medical Associates
Dr. Paul Legg, MD — Bone & Joint
Dr. John Lewis, DO — Charleston Internal Medicine
Dr. Nathaniel Majoris, DC, ATC – Holzer Clinic
Michael Nyquist, MA, ATC — University of Charleston
Leann McKay, ATC — A-Game Sports Performance/St. Albans High School
Kelvin Phan, MSEd, ATC, PES – University of Charleston
Jaime Pickett, ATC — World Wide Chiropractics and Sports Medicine
Rick Ray, ATC — West Virginia State University
Derek Raynes, MS, ATC, PES – A-Game Sports Performance/Nitro High School 
Cory Rueckert, ATC — Dynamic Physical Therapy/George Washington High School
Matt Smith, ATC, MS, CSCS – Teays Physical Therapy/Potential Plus
Dr. Edward Tiley, III, MD — Surgical Associates
Jamie Tridico, PT — Advanced Physical Therapy
Dr. Walker, MD – Neurological Associates
Todd Warner, PT, CHT — Dynamic Physical Therapy
David Watkins, PA-C — Dunbar Medical Associates
Ericka P. Zimmerman, EdD, ATC — University of Charleston

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