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Comprehensive Examination

Students must successfully pass a written simulation and an oral/practical comprehensive examination in the final semester of the year of expected graduation in order to graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree in Athletic Training. The minimum passing rate is 75% on each section of the examination. Each student may repeat a section of the comprehensive examination only two times.

Policies for Laboratory & Clinical Education Experiences

The AT program utilizes the learning over time model throughout the program. In this program a student will enroll in a didactic course to learn the cognitive competencies and psychomotor skills of a selected topic. The following semester the same student will enroll in a practice course to review psychomotor skills and develop clinical proficiency and put into use evidence based practice.

Students are required to have the following clinical education experiences: lower extremity, upper extremity, equipment intensive, general medical, off-campus clinic, and exposure to a variety of male and female patients and athletes. Additional policies are contained within the AT Student Handbook.


Students are expected to assume responsibility for transportation to the various clinical assignments that are off campus. Additional policies on clinical experiences are located in the AT Student Handbook.


Students are required to follow the uniform policy during all clinical education experiences as outlined in the AT Student Handbook, including a photo identification badge, a watch with a second hand, and designated shirt and pants.

Program Fees

Students are responsible for all required fees associated with this program.  These required fees include, but are not limited to:

  • Background Certification to be completed by August 1st of the sophomore year for those formally admitted to the program
  • Laboratory Fee (Due at registration for ATEP 100, 213L, 201, 202, 301, 302, 401, and 475; specific amount is posted in the course schedule each semester)
  • Liability Insurance (Automatically assigned to the student tuition when enrolled in any practicum course – ATEP 201, 202, 211, 301, 302, 311, 401, 402, and 411; specific amount is determined by the group policy negotiated yearly by administration)
  • Medical Kit fees of ~$100.00 is due by August 1st of the sophomore year for those formally admitted to the program
  • Photo ID ($5.00)
  • Clinical Rotation Attire – designated polos and khaki pants and shorts (see AT Student Handbook for dress code requirements)


For the protection of the Athletic Training student, those students enrolled in any of the practicum courses will be required to carry medical malpractice insurance. The insurance is provided through a group policy written for the University of Charleston. The University will collect the insurance premium at the time of registration with tuition and other fees.

Transfer Students

Students transferring into the Athletic Training Program or switching majors after the end of their freshman year must go through the application and interview process. These individuals must contact the AT Program Director, as these applications are reviewed on a case by case basis.

Background Certification

Each athletic training student is required to follow the procedures for completing a criminal background check as indicated in the AT Student Handbook. Students failing to submit such evidence cannot be allowed to enroll in the practicum courses or participate in the clinical education experiences.

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