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UC Speaker Series

Each year, the UC Speaker Series brings distinguished speakers and thought-provoking events to Charleston, West Virginia.  Speakers have included astronaut Sally Ride, crusader Erin Brokovich, comedian Dave Barry, White House chef Walter Scheib, Time Magazine editor Nancy Gibbs, and many others.  The Forum on the Future of Energy in 2010 pitted environmentalist Bobby Kennedy against coal magnate Don Blankenship in a debate watched around the world. 

Recent Event

On March 17th Storyteller Dave Lieber joined us for a humorous look at  “How I survived New York and West Virginia, but Texas almost killed me!”  

Dave Lieber is a former Charleston Gazette reporter, and is currently a consumer watchdog columnist for The Dallas Morning News. He has written several books and engaged audiences worldwide with his funny and engaging talks about the importance of storytelling.


Since 2001, the Dow Chemical Foundation has been the major sponsor for UC Speaker Series events.

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