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Use Word to Create Your Labels

January 3, 2011

Really! Creating mailing labels from your Access or Excel database is easy! Just use Word:

  1. Open the Mailings tab.
  2. In the Start Mail Merge Group, click on the tiny arrow next to Start Mail Merge.
  3. Choose Step by Step Mail Merge Wizard.
  4. In “Select document type”, check labels, and then click “Next”.
  5. In “Change document layout”, click Label Options. Choose the type of labels you will be using, like Avery 48806. Click Ok.
  6. Click on the bottom Next: Select Recipients.
  7. “Use an existing list” and then Browse to your Excel file that contains the address database. You will have to choose the sheet that you want to use, if your spreadsheet contains more than one datasheet.
  8. After you make sure that the intended recipients are checked, click Ok to close the box.
  9. Go to step 3 “Next: Arrange your labels.”
  10. Click on the “More items” choice.
  11. Insert all of the fields that you want on your label and then close the box.
  12. You will see all of the fields in the first label and they will look like a mess! Arrange the fields by putting spaces, Enters, and commas where needed.
  13. Click the button that says “Update all labels”.
  14. Preview your labels.
  15. Complete the merge.
  16. Print them out.

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