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Learning Your Way

Learning Your Way 

Experience a new way to learn.  Learning Your Way isn’t just a fancy marketing tagline.  It’s real, tangible, and useful.  It’s a unique chance for you to take charge of your education.

Here's how it works

We encourage each student to explore all the learning options available.  So, you might:

  • Get credit for knowledge you can demonstrate through credit for prior learning 
  • Construct a portfolio to demonstrate your knowledge
  • Earn credit on the job in guided internships
  • Shape your own map to graduation with an individualized major, or create an independent learning plan to meet required course outcomes
  • Tailor a curriculum to fit specific career goals by adding study abroad or a research project

Measurable benefits

  • Start learning in your major earlier
  • Get a degree in less than four years or add a second major
  • Integrate your in-class learning with community service and extracurricular learning
  • Graduate with the knowledge and skills that employers are looking for