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State & National Content Teaching Standards

West Virginia Professional Teaching Standards (WVPTS)

During the spring of 2009, the West Virginia Department of Education created new teaching standards called West Virginia’s Professional Teaching Standards (WVPTS). Due to this change, the UC education faculty has aligned UC program standards with these new WVPTS. The standards are:

  • Standard 1 — Curriculum and Planning
  • Standard 2 — The Learner and the Learning Environment
  • Standard 3 — Teaching
  • Standard 4 — Professional Responsibilities for Self-Renewal
  • Standard 5 — Professional Responsibilities for School and Community

National Education Standards

In addition to the Education Program Outcomes, all coursework is aligned and integrates with national content area standards.

All of the websites below contain information and standards related to different content areas. In addition, these sites provide professional resources.

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