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Music Minor Curriculum

Total: 23 Credits: 9 credits in course work; 6 credits in ensemble: 8 credits in private instruction. 

Course Title Credits
MUSC 212 Music Appreciation 3
MUSC 282 World Music 3
MUSC 336 American Popular Music 3


MUSC XXX Ensemble   6 Credits total
Music minors must amass a total of six ensemble credits.  Although there are other ensembles offered at the University of Charleston, only the two ensembles listed below will meet the ensemble requirements.  Students may take six credits of one of the ensembles below or a combination of credits from the ensembles listed below that adds up to six.

Course Title Credits
MUSC 324 Concert Choir 1
MUSC 327 Band 1


MUSC XXX Private Lessons   8 Credits total
Music minors must amass a total of eight credits in private study, four of those credits must be in the study of piano and four may be in an instrument or voice. 

Course Title Credits
MUSC 351P Piano 1-2
MUSC 35XP Applied Instrument/Voice 1-2