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Student Organization Fundraising Form

This form is to be completed for any organization wishing to hold a FUNDRAISER on or off campus. This form is to be completed and approved by the Director of Student Involvement at least 10 business days prior to the fundraiser. All fundraisers should be consistent with the university standards and policies as well as the mission/purpose of your organization. Fundraisers are not confirmed until this ENTIRE application process is completed and approved by the Director of Student Involvement. You will receive an email notification of approval.

Required fields are in bold.  

Organization/Contact Information


Name of Organization 


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Fundraiser Information


Name of Fundraiser 


Date of Event 

  please enter in the following format:   MM/DD/YYYY e.g. 03/06/2012 

Time of Fundraiser 


Location of Fundraiser 


Describe the fundraiser you will conduct. 


What is your fundraising goal amount? 

    e.g. (1500 -or- 750)

Where will the received money go to? 

(You must report your final fundraising
total and where it goes to the
Coordinator of Student Programs.)


Will you requet donations from local businesses? 

(You must contact Advancement at 357-4849 to get approval) 


If you are requesting donations, what business(es)
do you plan to approach?


What type of advertising do you plan to use? 


If you chose other, please describe:



I have read, understand and agree to follow the rules and regulations regarding fundraising.  I understand failure to follow these guidelines may result in loss of University privileges. 

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