University of Charleston

Fast Track Admissions Process and Policy

The University of Charleston offers Fast Track Admissions (FTA) for potential students who meet the following criteria:

  • Over 25 years of age


  • Military service member
  • Military good standing
  • Eligible for Federal/State Tuition Assistance


  • Civilian
  • Three continuous years of work experience (verified by letter of recommendation from employer to confirms length of employment)
  • Eligible for third-party reimbursement


  • Displaced Worker
  • Three years of work experience – documentation on a resume

Displaced Worker Verification Worksheet completed

Step One:

Meet ONE of the following conditions

  1. 25 years of age – date of birth as evidence (military members exempt from age requirement, other exceptions made by admissions as appropriate)
  2. Military Personnel
    1. Must have JST, CCAF, GAE or Combo JST transcript
    2. Must be in good standing with the military and have the ability to be approved for Tuition Assistance

Rationale: The military requires all servicemembers to be in good standing to be eligible for TA. This includes completion of Basic and Advanced Individual Training as indicated on the military transcript, and at least one year of service without any disciplinary actions.

  1. Currently employed
    1. Three years of work experience (self-reported)
    2. Letter of recommendation from current or previous supervisor (template provided indicating that it must be on company letterhead and officially signed) or verification of employment (employee ID, pay stub, ) Toyota employees may use the MOU addendum as a substitute for their recommendation letter.
  2. Displaced Worker
    1. Three years of work experience – documentation on a resume
    2. Displaced Worker Verification Worksheet completed


Step Two:

Determination of eligibility for fast track admissions

  1. Student states and signs form that verifies that they are not using any Financial Aid
    1. Form verifying non-use of FAFSA-related Financial Aid (FA)
      Student verifies that they are going to use only third-party payer funds or private pay to pay for university
    2. Student cannot receive FA without completing FAFSA
    3. The form will be filed within the Financial Aid file for that


Step Three:

Conditional Acceptance

If the student meets the above conditions (Criteria and no FA), they are considered “conditionally accepted” and can proceed with registration for the next term/semester start. Admissions will be responsible for admitting the student and notifying them.

Original transcripts will be required for any course that is being accepted for any credits towards degree before being registered for the following semester (16 weeks). Advisors will assist the student in acquiring the necessary transcripts, although it is the student’s ultimate responsibility. If admitted in the B term of any semester, the due date is the beginning of the next B term start (i.e., Fall B 2019 must have all original transcripts completed by Spring B 2020). This is a HLC requirement and the Combo-JST is not sufficient documentation of coursework completed from a college or university if the student wishes to use the credit towards the UC degree.

An admissions PERC hold will be placed on the account and will be removed only by admissions after official transcripts are obtained from schools where college transfer credit is being received by UC.

If a FAFSA is completed the student must have all official transcripts submitted from ALL schools attended, not just the ones that UC accepted transfer credits from for degree. UC will use a National Clearinghouse Report to identify all schools attended. The Financial Aid Office, in concert with Regional Student Solutions, will verify which transcripts need to be obtained.   The School of Business and Leadership assigned advisor will work cooperatively with the student and the Financial Aid Office to assure that all transcripts are acquired.

Once transcripts are received, the PERC hold may be lifted, and the student can proceed with registration for the next term/semester start. If this occurs after the first term, the Regional Student Solutions staff will be responsible for confirming receipt of any needed transcript, fully admitting the student, removing the PERC hold and notifying the student.


Students who meet the criteria may be accepted for fast track acceptance by acknowledging the following in writing:

  • If tuition assistance or third-party payment is denied, I understand that I am financially responsible for the course(s) and fees associated with
  • I will not be filling out a FAFSA to use Financial Aid at least for the first semester. NOTE: The FAFSA IS A SEPARATE FUNDING SOURCE THAT IS ADDITIONAL TO Federal TA or VA benefits.
  • If I chose to use the fast track option and have supplied a Combo JST, GoArmyEd report, or CCAF transcripts, I will still need to provide official transcripts for any course(s) for which I intend to receive college credit. If credit from a college or university is not desired, then transcripts will not be required.
  • If I decide to use Financial Aid, at a later date, I understand I will need to provide official transcripts from ALL schools attended prior to applying for Financial Aid.
  • I will not be able to register for courses in a subsequent semester or within 16 weeks if UC does not have receipt of my official transcripts, and any additional required application materials.