• Cyber Security


    Why UC

    Be prepared to make a significant contribution to the information security field.

    This 2-year degree completion program will help you gain entry into one of the fastest growing career paths in the nation.

    The UC School of Business and Leadership is an Accredited Training Center for the EC-Council (International Council of Electronic Commerce Consultants).

    You can choose to earn a minor that will further prepare you for a role in the cyber security industry.

    About Cyber Security

    Security breaches. Ransomware. Hackers. The information systems throughout the world are under a continuous barrage of attacks from many different sources. Our program will prepare you to contribute to and lead others in the quickly evolving field of Information Technology. Based on skills and knowledge you have acquired through a previous Associate’s degree, you can earn your Bachelor’s degree in only two years.


    What You'll Learn

    You will focus on seven main categories of cyber operations, in alliance with The National Cyber Security Workforce Framework: the knowledge and skills to securely provision, operate and maintain, protect and defend, investigate, collect and operate, analyze, and perform oversight and development. This framework will prepare you for a variety of career options.

    Strengthen your knowledge and marketability with a minor in either Organizational Leadership or Business Administration.  UC also offers a Master of Science in Cyber Security as well.


    Admission Requirements

    The Cyber Security program is a degree completion program – candidates should have some college credits already completed before applying. Applicants who have technology related experience in the workforce can complete three prerequisites: Hardware/Software, Networking and Security. Each module is a pass/fail test. You can sign up for one or all three at the same time, but in either case, you will be assigned a mentor. You will receive a guidebook to study, and when you feel you are ready to test, you simply notify your mentor who will review the test. You will be allowed one redo test per module, and you will have eight weeks to complete the prerequisite.



    How Much Will it Cost Me?

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    Fact Sheet

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    Curriculum & Course Catalog

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    Course Descriptions

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    Job Opportunities

    Graduates will be prepared to contribute to and lead others in quickly evolving dimensions of Information Technology (IT) related to cyber security. Seven main categories of cyber operations, in alliance with The National CyberSecurity Workforce Framework, graduates will be prepared to conduct for organizations in cyber security roles are (1) securely provision, (2) operate and maintain, (3) protect and defend, (4) investigate, (5) collect and operate, (6) analyze, and (7) oversight and development. Simplified, graduates will be prepared for a variety of careers in the rapidly growing industry of cyber security.

    Potential job opportunities, according to The National CyberSecurity Workforce Framework and U.S. Department of Labor, include but are not limited to:

    • Information Security Analyst
    • Information Systems Security Engineer
    • Intrusion Detection System (IDS) administrator, engineer, or technician
    • Network Administrator
    • Computer Crime Investigator
    • Cyber Trainer
    • Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)


    Program Faculty

    Matthew D. Gonzalez
    Matthew D. Gonzalez

    Program Director, Cyber Security