• Coding Certificate


    Program Overview

    The certificate is designed to prepare students for employment in the technology sector or for entry into a degree program in Computer Science. The curriculum provides students with basic and midlevel computer programming skills while also providing students with opportunities to apply these skills to real life applications and projects.

    Program Highlights

    UC is the first institution in the state to offer an undergraduate-level certificate program in computer programming.

    Courses include all core areas of computer programming, including programming and software engineering.

    A good choice for those who aspire to to work in the fields of information technology, information systems, and computer programming related fields; or those who want to have mid-level knowledge about programming and software development for use in their jobs or research work.

    Coding is becoming more relevant to different career paths outside of computer programming.

    Program Outcomes

    The certificate will prepare students for a wide variety of career possibilities in a very diverse set of industries and agencies. This includes but is not limited to jobs as, software engineer, application engineer, game  designer, technical writer, and programming instructor.  

    By understanding coding, you can understand technological changes in a wide variety of industries – and be prepared for those changes.