University of Charleston

Vice President for University Development


Deb Morris

(2015 – present)
B.S., West Virginia University
M.B.A., Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio


“I serve a dual role at UC, with an office that is both alumni and development oriented. I believe one of the most important things a university can do is to engage its alumni – so we work to welcome them back to events, keep them informed of what’s happening at their alma mater, and  provide opportunities for them to interact with our students, either as a mentor or in providing scholarships.  My other role is in fundraising and securing finances for all the worthy projects that make UC strong and able to create opportunities for our students to enjoy an exceptional experience.  Both roles allow me to work with amazing people, further our mission, and to learn more about our students, our supporters, and our alumni, every day.”


deborah morris
Deborah Morris

Vice President of Development