• Student Organizations

    A significant portion of the total learning experience of each student is acquired outside the classroom. The ability to communicate well with others, to develop, promote, implement, and evaluate ideas and activities, and to initiate change when desirable are obvious necessities for every educated person. UC graduates are expected to be able to function effectively as team members and be involved, contributing citizens in the community in which they live or work. The types of experiences needed to develop these skills are made available to our students primarily through co-curricular programs and student leadership, with active involvement in recognized clubs and organizations as a key element.

    The University of Charleston has a diverse population of student organizations. Of the 35+ student organizations, we hope to have something for everyone!

    • Professional Organizations
    • Greek Life
    • Student Government
    • Academic Organizations
    • Honor Societies
    • Religious Organizations
    • Special Interest Organizations

    If you don't find anything that's a good fit for you, starting a new student organization is easy! All you need is 5 committed students that share your common interest and a faculty/staff advisor. The next step is to make an appointment to meet and we can assist you with the rest of the process!