• Returning Undergraduates — Housing Form

    If you have questions about housing, please contact Residence Life at 304-357-4987 or at virginiamoore@ucwv.edu.

    • All residential student are required to have health insurance while residing on campus. If you are in need of health insurance, please contact the Office of Student Life for information on available plans.
    • Please review the current housing contract.
  • Items in bold are required.

    Resident Information

    First Name  
    Last Name  
    Current Residence Hall  
    Current Room  
    Cell Phone  
    UC Email Address  
    Do you plan to register an automobile on campus?

    Housing Information


    Residents of Brotherton Hall are not allowed to return to their current assignments and must change to a new residence hall of their choosing.

    I plan to return to campus housing and wish to:
    Residence Hall Preference
    Room Location
    I wish to live in a:

    Single rooms will be assigned via lottery.  Those not placed will be assigned to traditional double rooms. Apartments and Suites will be assigned based on classification, gpa, and code of conduct violations.

    Roommate 1 First Name 
    Roommate 1 Last Name 
    Roommate 2 First Name 
    Roommate 2 Last Name 
    Roommate 3 First Name 
    Roommate 3 Last Name 
    Meal Plan Options   Upperclassmen may select 1,2,3, or 4. Only apartment dwellers may select from all 6.
    If I meet the requirements and space becomes available in July for east Apartments, please place me on the waiting list for a 4-Bedroom Apartment.

    Medical Emergency Contact Information


    All residential students are required to have health insurance while residing on campus.

    Emergency Contact's Name
    Emergency Contact's Relationship
    Emergency Contact's Primary Phone
    Health Insurance Company Name
    Policy Number
    Group Number
    Health Insurance Company's Phone Number
    Primary Care Physician Name
    Physician Phone Number
    Medical Conditions (enter none if you have no medical conditions) 


    I agree that checking this box and completing a returning housing application constitutes an agreement to comply with the terms and conditions of the Housing Contract and the policies and procedures of the University of Charleston. If under the age of 18, a parent or guardian is required to review the Housing Contract and to check this box, constituting an agreement to comply with the terms and conditions found herein.