• Living Learning Communities

    The Office of Student Life helps coordinate Freshmen Living Learning Communities. All freshmen at the University of Charleston enrolled in mentoring (UNIV 101/102) are assigned to a living learning community. These students will attend class together once a week and participate in residence hall and campus programs coordinated by their Resident Assistant and Peer Educator. This "structure" helps students connect their curricular experiences with co-curricular programs and workshops. Commuters will participate in these "Living Learning Communities" as well, through participation in student life activities.

    Student Comments

    When UC students were asked about the benefits of living on campus they responded with the following:

    • "It's very family oriented"
    • "Provides a positive support system"
    • "Comfortable living arrangements"
    • "Direct quick internet connections in your rooms"
    • "Community atmosphere"
    • "You're closer to all of your friends"
    • "Everyone is here"
    • "Living Learning Communities make it easier"
    • "Campus is small so you get to know people and can easily find help"
    • "Hall activities"
    • "Everything is more accessible"
    • "You can get to class in five minutes"
    • "You get to experience living on your own"
    • "You get to experience living with different people from diverse cultures"
    • "Closer to campus facilities"