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    Quiz Bowl

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      Please email if you have C or D teams that would like to attend.


    Registration is now closed for this tournament. However, we may have room for a few extra teams. If you would like to inquire about adding your team to the field, please contact Michelle Herdman at 304-546-0315 or

    University of Charleston will host the WV High School Quiz Bowl Kick-Off tournament on September 28, 2013 on the UC campus in Charleston, WV.  All teams will play morning and afternoon rounds. 

    Questions have been purchased from NAQT. We will be using set IS-129A.

    Registration will be from 8:30-9:00.

    Informational meeting from 9:00-9:25 (along with readers meeting).

    Rounds will begin at 9:30.

    Lunch will be available in the campus cafeteria for $5.

    Format: 10 tossups, 4 tossups with bonus, 15-question worksheet, 10 tossups with power. 

    The fee is $50 for each team, with a $5 discount for bringing a ten-player lock-out buzzer system and a $5 discount for bringing a volunteer.