• Mission, Vision, Goals

    Physician Assistant Program Mission

    The mission of the University of Charleston Physician Assistant Program is to prepare competent physician assistants who value and provide comprehensive, patient-centered, culturally sensitive primary care, and are committed to lifelong-learning, professional growth, community health, and caring for underserved populations.

    Physician Assistant Program Vision

    Our vision is to foster a culture of learning by employing innovative educational strategies and a team-based approach within a supportive environment and to provide an application-based curriculum centered on critical principles of health and disease.

    Physician Assistant Program Goals

    The goals of the University of Charleston PA Program are to:

    • Prepare students to competently provide medical care in the primary care setting
    • Foster a commitment to medically underserved populations
    • Promote active participation in the community
    • Prepare students to assume leadership roles within the PA profession
    • Cultivate an environment that encourages student involvement in supporting and sustaining the University of Charleston PA Program following graduation
    Over the past year, the University of Charleston Physician Assistant Program has been a place of professional and personal growth for me. The faculty has successfully created a unique environment that challenges students by taking them out of their comfort zone while providing support and encouragement. It is evident that our program’s main goal is to transform their students into warm, knowledgeable and open-minded providers worthy of caring for their own loved ones someday.

    — Marisa Blatt, Class of 2016, Huntington, WV